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Duration: 1hCoach: Jens

Please note that the appointment time slots are for Eastern Time (ET - New York time zone)

Jens is a healer, intuitive, speaker, author & musician with 20+ years experience in the healing arts field.

In this personalized coaching & healing session, Jens will assist you in taking a deep look at any issues you want to address and look at them from the spiritual higher perspective… How can you deal with the challenges in your life in a way that serves the soul you are? What do you need in this moment? What are your strong points? What is in alignment for you at the soul level?

In this session we will focus on the deeper underlying factor that is the driving force in your life, which is your personal growth & your empowerment as a human being and as a soul. We shift the energy so a problem can start to solve itself. 

As Jens is a Reiki Practitioner/ Blueprint Energy Healing Practitioner, he also with your permission, can work with energy healing to address certain themes that come up. What will come forward in this coaching/healing is a synergy of your intention and Jens's 20+ experience in healing himself on his path of personal growth."

Not only is Jens an energy healer/ intuitive, but In 2023, he published his first spirituality/ conspiracy book “A World in Transition” with renowned publisher Obelisk Books. He gained public recognition in Belgium from speaking out online and in person since the beginning of 2020, exposing the new world order agenda and sharing alternative news.

Please note that private consultations are non-refundable.

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