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Duration: 1hChanneler: May Levy

Please note that the appointment time slots are for Eastern Time (ET - New York time zone)


1: Spiritual Name Rebirthing / Discover Your Spiritual Name 

As we awaken to our divinity within our spiritual selves, there comes a time when our souls journey into deep healing and growth. Our caregivers, who were our mother and father, have gifted us our birth name, and it has accompanied us throughout our lives, holding memories in the energy of the name. As we evolve spiritually, we witness our lives and work on releasing the past, shedding the old, and letting go of old identities, and for some, also past pain. As we let go of these old stories and beliefs and undergo deep transformation, our mother/father expand into universal mother/father—Mother Earth and Father Sky. They become integrated within our journey as one divine unity. A spiritual name is a name that holds a high vibration of love, aligned with who you are today as a soul. It is a name beyond the limitations of Earth, holding universal high-octave energy that serves as an ally in your journey back to love. May will channel the divine to gift you your spiritual name, which you can choose to use or keep dear to your heart. You will also receive the meaning and how it integrates with your dharma.

2: Personalized Light Scribe Sigil 

An exclusive Personalized Light Scribe Sigil channeled for your specific energy signature. This divine creation is channeled directly from source energy, offering specific instructions on how to harness its power. Tailored for your unique needs, this sigil is designed to recalibrate your energy body to a higher vibration. Experience profound transformation as you shed the old and embrace higher codes of love and abundance within your life. Channeled with divine intention, personalized sigils acts as a direct conduit from the divine to meet your individual needs for the year ahead. Elevate your vibration and embrace the cosmic energy that awaits you. Seize this opportunity for a year of transformation and blessings.

3: Channeled Divine Insight

Using her innate gift of automatic writing May will tap into the Akash and channel a personalized message directly from the divine to illuminate your unique path. With deep spiritual insight, this exclusive message offers a profound glimpse into the universal forces shaping your destiny. May's divine connection unveils the hidden facets of your journey, providing clarity, guidance, and foresight. As you step into the upcoming year, let this channeled message serve as a divine roadmap, empowering you to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and manifest your truest desires, opening you to an extraordinary journey that awaits in 2024, guided by the divine just for you.


Please note that private consultations are non-refundable.

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