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Duration: 1hCoach: Selvia 

Please note that the appointment time slots are for Eastern Time (ET - New York time zone)

The SapphFire Flame is resurrection.

The Blue frequency is the 1st emergent frequency of Genesis. It is the most Ancient and Primal Truth.  It is a frequency given by God & therefore carries God’s word of original expression of Genesis & the original desires that were moving at that time.Blue is associated to Oracular Expression, the water & cellular memory. It is the color of Elder frequency & wisdom. It is associated to the high heart, throat and the third eye.A SapphFire Flame session illuminates the hidden gnosis of your soul. The fire burns away deception leaving only room for what is true. Selvia is an incarnate of the Blue Ray holding the legacy of the Blue Rose, she stewards truth through her vessel, calling upon the elemental forces of fire to support the burning away of all that is untrue.A SapphFire Flame Session dives into advanced shadow alchemy and as a result these sessions may feel confronting. Selvia uses a diverse skill set in which she pulls from different modalities as needed to address the individual’s unique needs. These sessions are made to root you in, align your centre channel, support nervous system regulation and offer insight into your soul's journey and how to address any denser issues that may be holding you back from expanding into peace, sovereignty or abundance. These sessions are virtual and will be recorded and sent to you for your integration.

Please note that private consultations are non-refundable.

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